Critically appraise the core tensions and issues a...

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Consider one of the following case studies and analyse the interplay of structural, organisational and legislative factors that shape the delivery of social work services; the social work role and tasks. You need to focus on older people) and draw on sociological concepts, social policy and legislation. Please ensure you meet ALLthe following learning outcomes in this assignment.
1. Critically evaluate the contested nature of theory for social work practice
2. Critically evaluate the impact of the socio/political context on welfare policy and social work practice
3. Critically explore of key aspects of the legal system in Britain including statutory duties, powers and guidelines shaping social work practice
4. Demonstrate the skills required to identify appropriate sources of law and critically apply these to social work.
5. Critically analyse the way policy and law promote or hinder service user and carer participation with particular reference to care and control
6. Critically appraise the core tensions and issues associated with the organisation and management of social work services
Case Study 3 – OLDER PEOPLE
Mrs Smith is 79 years old, and has lived in the third floor flat of a 19th century apartment block for the past 40 years. The property is owned by a Housing Association, and is located is an area of high social deprivation, which has inadequate local amenities and limited welfare services. Mrs Smith is very attached to the apartment and locality, but since her husband died five years ago, and her children (Jenny and Peter) moved out of the area, she has become increasingly isolated and lonely. Mrs Smith is physically active, but has been assessed as having a sight impairment, and is waiting for a hip replacement. These impairments are causing problems in her daily life, such as accessing and leaving her flat, shopping etc. She lives on a basic state pension and receives Housing Benefit.
Recently, Jenny has noted that her mother has become depressed and disengaged from social activities and networks. Mrs Smith has noticed that her short term memory is not as good as it was, but has found strategies to cope with this, such as writing things down. Jenny is keen that her mother consider moving into an extra care sheltered housing scheme in another part of the city, but her mother is unwilling at this stage to consider a move. Jenny has discussed this with the local GP, who suggested Jenny request a carer’s assessment for herself, and has referred Mrs Smith to the Older Adults Team.
Note: Please include current social policy, law personalisation agenda, dementia care strategy and National service framework for older adults
Sociology – labelling and inequality ageism, gerontology and functionalist perspectives
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