Describe the differences between the “whole food...

purchase three “whole foods” from local market … one fruit or vegetable, one starch (potato, etc.), and one meat item (or meat replacer, if you are a vegetarian). Then, they go to a “regular” supermarket and purchase a “processed food” that is made with the same food that you bought from the market. For three consecutive days, create a dish with your whole food using a recipe that is similar to the processed food and consume them at the same time.

<<Example: Day 1, potato, freshly-prepared mashed potato vs processed mashed potato; Day 2, chicken, fresh chicken fajitas versus fajitas made with frozen chicken; Day 3, tomato, salsa prepared with fresh vs canned tomato.>>


•First, describe the differences between the “whole food” items and the “processed food” items. Consider taste and flavor, texture, color, nutritional value, etc. (1-2 pages)
•Next, address “the new healthy you.” Talk about any transformations in your perception about food and your diet that may have materialized because of the information gained in this class. This section is personalized to you and your choices about maintaining or gaining a healthier life style. Please address this question: Has the class caused you to appreciate new foods or the idea of specialized diets as a way to maintain health? (1-2 pages) NOTE: you do not have to “suck up” to receive full marks. If you already were a healthy eater and the materials in this course reinforced your dietary choices, say so. If you have not changed your diet much, say that. Be honest, but think about the materials that were presented in the course in the context of your life.
•Lastly, deal with a contemporary topic related to information discussed in the movies or presented in the class. Topics can include anything from food policy, world health, organic foods, farming practices; etc. Please pick any topic of interest to you. This project is exploratory in nature, so find something and learn about it. Please make reference to material covered in class plus at least two external sources. (1-3 pages)

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