Greening A Datacenter by using virtualization

Research Paper

 The paper will consist of: cover page, body (2500 word minimum, double spaced), and


 Use at least 5 sources in your research of which a minimum 1, but no more than 2 must be from the internet.

 The topic of your paper is:

“Greening” the Datacenter. Your paper is to describe the concept, related technologies, andbenefit (if any) to “greening” a datacenter. I expect you to conduct the research necessary and cite your sources to successfully make your point. Keep in mind that this is a research paper and not personal narrative. Be careful not to get too broad and vague; I am looking for a clear and concise argument to support your thesis.

I will grade your paper on the content and on the technical elements, page numbering, fonts etc.

It is important to fully support your argument and yes, spelling and grammar matter.


Use Times New Roman Font, size 12 for the body of the report. Set the left margin at 1”

and right margin at 1” for the body. Use page numbers for your paper starting with the second

page. Use automatic page numbering and place the page number in the upper right corner of each

page. Make sure you cite your sources, Chicago Manual of Style method.

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