How will you raise awareness about our company’s...

Business plan

Students will propose a business model, examine the
requirements for establishing and running that business
model and produce a business plan detailing this research.
The Business Plan will be submitted in two parts – Report 1
and Report 2

In Report 1 students will describe potential customers, look at
the needs of these customers, propose value propositions
that meet these needs and explain proposed revenue
Requirements Introduction
An overview of the proposed business.
§ Business Snapshot
§ Business Description
§ Key Objectives
§ Barriers To Entry
Customer Segments

Detail the people or organisations for which you are creating
§ Customer Analysis
- B2B or B2C
- Description of Customer Segment
- Description of customers business model and
resulting needs
§ Market Analysis (size of market value)
- Total Addressable market
- Served Available market
- Target Market
§ Competitor Analysis
- What other businesses are providing services to
you customer segments that address the needs
or problems you have identified?
- Analyse at leats 3 competitors using the 4P
§ Primary Research
- Ask potential customers what they want
- Validate your assumptions about the identified
customer segment
Value Propositions
The bundles of products and services that create value for
your customers
§ Product / Service Description
- What problems do your customer segments have that
you want to help solve?
- What bundles of products and/or services are you
offering and how do these solve the problems?
- What value do you deliver to the customer?

Through which Channels do your Customer Segments
want to be reached and how will you reach them?
§ Customer Segment Attributes
- Demographics
- Geographics
- Psychographics
- Media Behaviour
§ Brand Strategies
- How will you brand your products and/or services to
best respond to your Customer Segment Attributes?
§ Promotion
- How will you raise awareness about our company’s products and services within your
chosen Customer Segment(s)?
- How will you help Customer Segments evaluate your businesses Value Proposition(s)?
§ Place
- Purchase: How do your Customer Segments want
to purchase your products and/or services?
- Delivery: How will you deliver your products/
services to your Customer Segment(s)?
- Location: is the location of your business important
to your Customer Segments?
Customer Relationships
What type of relationship does each of your Customer
Segments expect you to establish and maintain with them?
§ Types of customer relationships
§ Execution of customer relationships
§ Current status of customer relationships
Revenue Streams
How and through which pricing mechanisms is your business
capturing value?
§ Current market valuation for your product / service.
- Is your product / service currently offered by other
business and if so how much do they charge?
§ Customer pricing expectations
- What are your Customer Segments willing to pay?
§ Proposed revenue model
- How do you intend to make money?
- What is you pricing structure?
§ Justification of proposed revenue model
- Explain why you have decided to charge the
amounts you are proposing


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