Management leadership and governance

Project description
Essay Topic.
Discuss the impact that leadership can have on the effective governance of organisations.
Your essay topic should be informed by the extant literature on leadership and governance, especially literature which points to the need for organisations to develop forms of leadership and governance that operate effectively across shifting boundaries of the new economy. You are also required to examine literature highlighting the need for organisations to create ethical corporate culture (Caldwell et al 2008; Schwartz 2013) since ethical leadership influences group in-role performance (Walumbwa et al 2012). Finally, you will review the existing leadership research which proposes relationships between organisational leadership, leadership development, followership, organisational governance and organisational performance (Carcello 2009).
Support your argument by saying good leadership is important and leads to good governance and why?
Look at example for the effect of leadership on governance (good and bad) . Then look at leadership in todays economy …relationship of leadership to followership or leadership to organisation performance.
followership can affect organisational outcomes
can find, critically assess and use multiple sources of information to explore the topic
can correctly reference the work of other authors….Heading and subheading are ok or not as you like wont affect the mark.
good sentence to discuss: every manager need to be a leader but not every leader have to be manager..
(25 references. Preferably most of them academic journal articles)
essay format but without
Caldwell, C, Hayes, LA, Karri, R & Bernal, P 2008, ‘Ethical stewardship: implications for leadership and trust’, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 78, pp. 153-164 (online EBSCOHOST).
Carcello, JV 2009, ‘Governance and the common good’, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 89, pp. 11–18 (online EBSCOHOST).
Schwartz, MS, 2013, ‘Developing and sustaining an ethical corporate culture: the core elements’, Business Horizons, vol.56, pp. 39–50 (online ScienceDirect).
Walumbwa, FO, Morrison, EW & Christensen, AL 2012, ‘Ethical leadership and group in-role performance: the mediating roles of group conscientiousness and group voice’, Leadership Quarterly, vol. 20, pp. 953–964 (online ScienceDirect).
Your essay must demonstrate that you:
understand what is meant by ‘leadership’ and ‘governance’
can distinguish between the roles of leaders and the roles of executives or managers
can apply the concepts by explaining how leaders can affect governance outcomes in organisations
can apply the concepts by explaining how leadership development and effective

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