Marble slide toy

Paper instructions:
Be sure to begin with a good introductory paragraph. In this first paragraph, describe and explain the toy or game. Describe what materials it is made of, how it works or is used, or the rules of the game. State what age group the game or toy is intended for.
In the second and following paragraphs, discuss the characteristics of the developmental level of the children for which the toy is intended: infant, toddler, preschool child, the school-age child, or the adolescent. Some toys/games may be appropriate for more than one level. The discussion of the target age group’s developmental level is a critical part of the paper and should include physical characteristics and abilities of the age group, the theories for personality development of the age group – such as the well-accepted theories of theorists like Maslow, Sullivan, and Erikson. Include a discussion of the target age group’s cognitive development, Piaget is the most famous theorist in this area. Include a discussion of the age group’s level of moral development — most famous theorist is Kohlberg. Some discussion of these developmental levels are provided in your text, but further research may be needed to clarify and expand your understanding.
In the next paragraph, explain exactly how your toy or game contributes to the developmental tasks of the child in the target age group.
In the next paragraph, explain (if appropriate) what therapeutic values your toy or game has for promoting physical health, or assisting in recovery or rehabilitation from some specific illness or injury. Fun is a legitimate enough effect of any game or toy for a child, but if the toy has therapeutic benefit also, that is even better, and will be rewarded with higher points.  Also, games and toys that are simply copies of existing games (such as BINGO, or memory matching cards) that is likewise perfectly all right. However, inventing or creating a completely new game or toy will also be rewarded with higher points.
Make each paragraph flow through the paper using good transition words and phrases; make each paragraph have a clear message.
End with a solid concluding paragraph that summarizes the toy or game, and the effect/s it is expected to have on the child.
In-text references are not required, but be sure to use quotations correctly when you are quoting any of the experts you are referencing.
Proofread, Proofread, Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! Read the paper out loud to someone else to pick up sentences that are not clear, or any grammatical errors. Learn to use the green underlining in Microsoft Word to point out to you grammatical errors when typing. If you are not a native English speaker, have a native speaker go over the paper with you. Consult English teachers, or grammar websites for issues you are unclear about.

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