Read all documents contained in the reading assign...

Read all documents contained in the reading assignment.

Also use Russia and Ukraine in the 1930s, the Holocaust journal article and watch the three short Youtube videos as sources for this assignment.

Top 10 Worst Events In Human History #2: The Holodomor

Top 10 Worst Events In Human History #3: The Holocaust Part Zwei

Top 10 Worst Moments In Human History #5: The Armenian Genocide

IN NO MORE THAN 3 PAGES, write an essay containing the following: (THIS IS NOT 1-2-3, THIS IS AN ESSAY)

1. Definition of genocide. (yours)

2. Brief overview of three genocides in the 20th century.

3. Similarities in the genocides.

4. Specific differences.

5. Why you should be careful of sources when you research.

6. Why you should use multiple sources.

7. Why are some genocides more widely known than others? ie. Holocaust, Holomodor, Armenian genocide.

Hints: Use the three genocides from the movies. Write professionally. Do not use citations. No bibliography! Just write the essay.

Think of a great introduction “Although many scholars indicate genocides are significantly different……(same)….there are always some similarities (differences)….. A proper definition is needed to determine……… Genocide is……. Three genocides in the 20th century provide excellent examples……

Conclude: “The three examples…., …., ….., indicate the significant, differences…..

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