Time Traveling Art Historian

Summary: You are a world-renowned art historian and author with the ability to time travel to any period of history. I’ve chosen Hellenistic Greek, Italian Renaissance and 20th century. The papers is done. I would like you to strengthen it and edited it for me since you did a great job with the last project. Here are the parameters:

The essay needs to be at least 6 to 8 pgs. not including title page, images, and works cite page.) that represents 3 chapters from your new book. Each chapter will contain an analysis from the period you selected. Remember to write from the first-person perspective as an art historian who has experienced these periods. Address the following points in your analyses:
*The art form or medium (visual art, architecture, literature or music)
*The purpose of the piece
*The individual or group responsible for paying, producing or commissioning the piece.
*The meaning of the work and what it expresses or reveals about the culture and the artist.
*How art and culture from previous civilizations influenced the piece.
*How the piece is related to artwork within the same civilization or era.
*How the piece still has meaning and value in modern-day cultures.
Cite all references following MLA standards and assignment must be Mircosoft Word.

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