Timer cap from new horizon

Warehouse receive the materials get materials go in the production line

Get the raw materials for the products and ones products are ready they come back here and atore them be4 going out


Each area is per cuatomer. Position material closer to when they need it. Depends on the demand and temperature.

Most orders get shipped same day. Whole sale orders get shipped ones theyre completed.

Customers come pick up from the facility

The area not temperature control. Candies stored on temp. Control warehouse. They receive it here and send it there.

For costco semd order , they schedule trucks and come to pick it up.

They do push and pull

Orders received by noon peocesss them the same day. After noon they process it the following day.

Everything gets made to order

They dont have home syatem to capture all day for forecast


Tomer cap made to order. The produxt in inventory doesnt always match the cuatomer. So thwy end doing rework by removing labels. Short advanced notice


Not standard shape. Get customized cz different size bottle.

Timer caps


15 to put label on out of 200 for the timer cap

Small orders make them here prozuction line to fulfill.

4 regular staff and 4 to 5 trainees


They have


After we snap timer make sure its working

They want to improve on that package of 100 on litle box goes into a big box make 1000. Work on it when thwy got the order.

Around 27 seconds to make one of them.

Someone do assembly, then it moves to labelling. Every line has line supercvisor to help them. Make aure theyre following the caps meet


Quality team do final inapection when orders are completed. Thy dont have a lot of defects. Tgey have black dot at the corner ao they call the cuatomer to see if they agree about it. Reject materials going back to warehouse.

Time spot is tge cuatomer supplier not their fault


They need to make aure they meet the cuatomers quality. The aupplies get rush ship from china to them.

They have people making inspections bcz they need to catch it at the door. Quality notify the customer.


The customer contacr the suppliers. New horizon prepare for shipping. They provide labelling. The customer buy the materials.

Customers buy materials baaed on tge orders they get. Tgey dropped it. They unload it and do initial inspection


12 models each pharmacy has a different model.


Ask to send us the schematics to match it and make aue ure doing it right.


Around 8 orders per month but quantity varies. From 180000 to 200000


2 modules one count hrs and mins one count hrs mins and scnds. But they stick with one of them .


Every line has process flow chart

Have a picture, a map



It comes down to tge coach with tge boards.

No numbers dont match 0eople aitting not focused or engaged dont have lines.


Line 1 to 5 are somehow applying lean


The production office She sits in the rooom the place that ahe can see is organized. Unlike the other lines

Grt lower low cost employee to help with the job while she focuses on prod line






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