Use the Internet to identify the latest equipment ...

In 75 words or more answer the following 6 questions. Cite all sources to avoid plagiarism.

1. Use the Internet to identify the latest equipment on the market for analyzing cells in the lab (or for diagnosis of an illness at the cellular level). Describe the equipment and how medical professionals use it to diagnose and treat patients. What is the difference between anabolism and catabolism? In what ways are they similar? Expain.

2. Choose a joint disorder and explain what joints are affected, what causes the disorder, and how it may be treated.

3. Our heart pumping and our circulatory system keep us alive. Many things like poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking and drugs damage our systems, even to the point of early death. Research on the internet, the different types of preventative care needed to keep our heart and circulatory system healthy. Then, in your own words, write a bullet list of preventative care tasks that you found. Include the complete URL(s) of where you found your information. 

4. There are a number of respiratory diseases that can affect a person’s ability to maintain a healthy respiratory system. Research on the internet respiratory diseases (some common, some rare, some race/ethnicity specific) and select one that interests you. Then, in your own words, describe the disease, its symptoms, treatment, and prognosis. Include the complete URL(s) of where you found your information.

5. Select a part of any of the Central, Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous systems that interest you (ie., cerebellum, brain stem, etc). Further research the part, its function, and any disorders that affect the part on the internet. Then, in your own words, write a full definition/explanation of the part, its function and any disorder(s) and why that particular part and function of our nervous systems interest you. Include the complete URL(s) of where you found your information.

6.Chronic alcoholics can develop cirrohosis of the liver. How does this affect the liver’s function? What is the treatment? Patients in renal failure may have to have dialysis in order to survive. Explain the different types of dialysis and why they help the patient’s survival (mechanism of action). What types of patients are at highest risk for renal failure? How does the birth control pill work to prevent pregnancy? Besides pregnancy, what other conditions might the “pill” be used to treat?

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